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What's Happening Lately....

December 10, 2021

The Season of God's love

Many people love this time of year, and some can't stand it. I admit there can be a lot of people with bad manners, greediness and downright heartless behavior. But we that do enjoy this season, need not to bow that low. We need to rise up higher and "LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF". Just as God loved the world so much, he gave His only begotten Son - Jesus Christ. 

I am not ashamed to call Jesus my Lord and my King. Christians are not perfect people without sin. Christians will screw up and be anything but Holy. But that is just it - NONE of us are perfect or Holy. Only through Jesus can we obtain forgiveness of our bad behaviors and be reconciled back to God to be able to stand in His Holy and Divine presence. Think about this gift. God designed this world for humankind to live in it, and the Angel of Darkness spoiled it for humankind by getting Eve & her Husband to believe a lie. We are weaker than the Celestial and Angel of Darkness. God saw this and justified it so that we don't have to die a second death (spiritual death).  The Second Death is what happens to you when you do not accept Jesus as a redeemer of your soul. If you reject Jesus, then you are rejecting your Soul being reconciled back to God. You cannot enter where God lives with an unholy spirit. Only Jesus can clean up our dirt and make us pure again. God sent himself through Jesus to redeem us - if he had not done it - NONE OF US WOULD BE ABLE TO BE WITH HIM.

Why is this so great? Let me ask you - do you enjoy grief, pain, being betrayed, not having what you need, being unloved, physically beaten, emotionally battered, stress of dealing with others bad decisions, being drunk and can't seem to stop, being unable to obtain love and affection you want, being shut out, put down or watching others die because of drugs and alcohol, going hungry, or know those who do? I surely don't and I have suffered some of these things.

The prophet Daniel (whose prophecies are recorded in the book of the Bible) prophesied four major things - of which three of them have already been confirmed as coming true and history has proven it. Including the birth and death of Jesus Christ. The only other prophesy of Daniel to remain is the return of Jesus Christ coming in Glory from the East in the clouds to redeem those who call him and accept him as LORD AND KING of their lives. He will take us out of this Earth before the Great Wrath of God takes place on Earth. If you die before this time, rest in peace knowing you will join God in due time. And when Jesus returns all these things people suffer as I mentioned above - WILL CEASE TO EXIST for those who belong in God's Kingdom. 

HOPE   -    FAITH   -   LOVE :  These are the greatest things we can have now looking forward to a much, much brighter future. As you drive by a manger scene, that baby Jesus is the greatest gift to humankind to make right what went wrong many, many years ago. IT'S A FREE GIFT.

When you give your gifts to others this season, it is an act of worship as the three Wise Men gave gifts to the infant Jesus long ago. This is an ancient tradition. It is a tradition that is documented in history and recorded as TRUTH that actually happened. The Three Wise Men worshipping Jesus actually happened and was documented on scrolls, which was translated in many languages and placed in a book called the Bible. If we can believe in that, then believing in Jesus Christ as King and Lord isn't difficult. All you need is FAITH.

Merry Christmas! Enjoy Jesus's birthday party!!  

November 4, 2021

Yay! Two Years of Service!

Here we are! I must admit that it feels great to announce our anniversary. We've had a lot of growing pains, learning curves and neat experiences as well as long hours. But - all in all we've had a lot of fun. It doesn't seem like work, when you're having fun.

We have grown quite a bit since last year at this time. I mean like quadrupled our customer base numbers. I think folks are getting the idea how convenient the services are. Folks like the idea of getting rid of their "junk" that becomes someone else's well needed item. We work with organizations and various other business owners to identify needs in the community and then delivery to those needs based on what we get from clean-up jobs.  That's a really good feeling for all involved. 

We started this business to help people and to change the world around us for the better. We realized someone has to take care of God's good Earth, His people and all that's therein.  Recycling isn't a fad or political agenda. It's being practiced all over the world because any one with common sense knows it is the right thing to do and a smart thing to do. It is a responsible action against pollution and depletion of natural resources. And it helps those in need.

I look forward to many more years of service to God, our community and our planet we live on. May you be inspired to help out too and reduce, reuse and recycle!

A big THANK-YOU to all our customers, friends and business partners for your contributions to our success. But most importantly, Thank you God Almighty for your guidance, instruction and help in letting us run this business to help others. We are your humble servants, Lord. Amen.

October 22, 2021

What's Really Spooky

Here we are another year another October with crispy leaves crunching under our feet. For those that hate picking them up, that's O.K. Just leave them there! Mulch them up with the lawn mower and let them fertilize your yard. Seriously, it's great natural fertilizer.

You know what's spooky?  Many Americans are not on the clue bus yet on how important being resourceful and mindful of how we live impacts our Earth, environment and our health.  We need to start being more mindful and teaching others the same.  It's a good thing that there is a shortage of fast food workers. Why? Less workers, slower service (or no service because they have shut down a day) which means less waste. 

If a restaurant hasn't switched to more of an eco-friendly packaging, then the American consumption of ready made food isn't helping America in several ways. Most carry out items, if they are not eco-friendly, are not recyclable. It's not helping our trash pile problem. In turn, pollutes other natural resources. And depending on what is ordered, it isn't good for your health anyway. Neither is pollution.  Perhaps the shortage isn't a bad thing. 

Americans are conditioned to believe that it isn't necessary to watch what we consume, how we consume it and how it affects themselves and others. Americans have gotten a "Don't tell me what to do!!!" attitude to an unhealthy level.  It's called selfishness. We have problem taking care of things we should, understanding how we live has consequences for ourselves and others.  

What can we do about it? Start teaching kids when they are young on how pollution affects everyone - even them. How to make more eco-friendly choices. How to save money by re-using items rather than buy, buy, buy new things. Remember stories of Great-Great Grandma and Grandpa getting their money's worth out of their things? Home cooked meals, canning fresh garden produce?  Teach how to be more like them.  We've gotten away from good health, wealth and wisdom. It's getting scary.

It's The Right Thing To Do

September 14, 2021

How is your progress coming along trying to organize your life better to reduce waste? Hopefully, you've managed to figure out a good system or have made improvements. How about encouraging others? Some folks are seeing recycling as a fad or a political agenda, not realizing that there are many countries in this world pushing to reduce waste. It's not a fad and it's not a political agenda. It's the right thing to do. 

We should not take our resources and wipe them out without sustaining them. We shouldn't pollute where we live to where it becomes unlivable. I don't know about you, but I don't have $100,000 million dollars to hop on a spaceship and find another planet to live on and build a home there. Pollution is a real thing. It can be reduced so that we are not poisoning ourselves.

 Living a more green lifestyle has health benefits as well.  Encourage others to do their part. Encourage children to take care of their home - our planet Earth. What do you have to lose?

Keep it Clean

July 8, 2021

I'm sure everyone has noticed that Franklin, Highlands and surrounding areas have a bad trash-on-the-road problem. There's been a few rants and raves in the Franklin Press newspaper about it at least. How do you feel about it? It's not terrific seeing how careless & selfish people in our society are. Complaining isn't going to change people's minds that decide to be pigs. So what can be done until law enforcement can give out a few large and hefty tickets? Adopt-a-Street is a great initiative!

You've probably seen the signs at the roadsides that announce who has adopted the road (check out TNT Recycle's sign by Nikwasi can see it from Hot Spot gas station). If I'm going to preach it, might as well set the example. We've adopted other roads in the county also, not just Nikwasi Lane. 

If you or your family are able to, this is a great way to give back to the community. It teaches young teens to respect our environment and other people's surroundings.  It's not hard labor, but it does require time and energy. The good news is, all the vests, bags and trash grabber will be provided to you free of charge to do the work. 

Check in with your local town or county websites to sign up. There is a need for people to help. Take pride in the area you live. Be the change!

Getting Ready for Gardening and Recycling                                                                   

May 8, 2021


Gardening is one of the most ancient rituals in humanity. Ever since we were created by God, we've had to eat. The larger the family or village, the larger the garden or crop. Everyone seems to have tips and hints passed down to them from ancestors from the three sisters method employed by Native Americans to the use of tobaccco juice on plant leaves to keep away bugs. Over time, and as new products, containers or materials are produced we incorporate the re-use or recycle of said stuffs into our daily lives and our gardening. 

Many people are getting into re-using materials and recycling it into making a greenhouse. The weather and the hungry critters that roam about one's yard have proven for many that they need a safer method of growing or maintaining their garden. Others just wish to have home grown food year around. Whatever the reason, greenhouses are one of the best projects to use old windows, old containers or even old school buses to make a greenhouse!  

If you ever considered or wanted a greenhouse, instead of buying a kit, try building one from recycled materials instead. This helps our environment, but gives people the chance to use their creativity and ingenuity. It also gives you a chance to have something uniquely your own. Just another smart way to keep stuff out of the landfill and to help out your budget.

TNT Recycle's Idea Book

​​April 22, 2021

So what's the big idea? This book we created is the big idea! We decided that perhaps making a one stop place for several re-duce, re-use & recycling ideas would be nice for those who are interested in it. Sure you can look it up on the internet. Do you have the time? If not, we've done the work for you. 

Although it isn't everything there is about the subject, it is a good start. We also made it a printable PDF so that anyone can (all 29 pages) have it handy. There is a Kids section with fun activities and suggestions for young'uns to get in on the recycling initiative. We've created a "Recycle Song' to help kids with how to recycle and a word scramble to familiarize them with recycle terms. It is important that adults take the time to teach kids how to take care of our resources. Our food, clothes and our health are all inter-related in how we take care of our environment. 

Also, we've included furniture refurbishing suggestions for those who are interested but never really have done it. It's easier than you think. There are picture examples and step-by-step instructions. 

We hope this idea book helps with getting folks excited and involved. Some folks are like smearing green paint across their faces, wearing the recycle shirts and holding up the foam finger shouting "Re-duce, re-use, recycle!" they are so excited about it. But others are modest and want to do so more quietly. This book offers both types something to look forward to. 

Contact us by email at [email protected] for your free book. We will then send you a PDF file which is the free and printable book. Happy Earth Day! - And remember everyday should be a day for helping out our Earth and fellow man.

Teaching Our Kids How to Take Care of God's Good Earth

February 19, 2021

When I was growing up, there wasn't plastic everything (might be showing my age a little bit here). Paper grocery bags was it. We used those paper bags to cover our assigned text books in school. You got Coke-a-cola, Mt. Dew and Pepsi and others in a glass bottle. Getting your lunchmeat & cheese at the deli and wrapped in paper was very common. We had a lot of products in eco-friendly, sustainable packaging. These days it's plastic containers and bags galore. Do you know that only 9% of plastic are recycled? So where's the rest of it going?  It's being incinerated or thrown away. Did you know that plastics are linked to disrupting hormonal growth and carcinogens (which lead to cancers)? 

Did you know that our oceans are really having a problem? According to the Center for Biological Diversity website, "Plastic accumulating in our oceans and on our beaches has become a global crisis. Billions of pounds of plastic can be found in swirling convergences that make up about 40 percent of the world's ocean surfaces. At current rates plastic is expected to outweigh all the fish in the sea by 2050." ( If you like your beach vacations, please consider switching to paper and glass products and buying eco-friendly products. If you like eating seafood, it's time to help sustain our food supply before you end up eating lab created seafood meat.

What can be done about it? Easy....stay away from plastic and do what Great-Grandma did....go with paper and glass. There are a lot of these products coming back onto the market as the world has realized that plastic (although cheap) isn't really the greatest thing in the long run.  Check out the bottom of our website's services page for eco-friendly product suggestions. Spread the word to your kids. Teach them "the old way". We are responsible for our actions and who and what it affects. It's a small way to help our future and our kids.

Starting the New Year Right

January 18, 2021

Each New Year brings an opportunity to all of us. We think about what we can change in our lives in bringing a positive impact within our lives.  Some changes are as simple as becoming an eco-friendly household or business.

Here in Macon County, the landfill is slated to last another 50 years. If we choose to stay that course (provided the population doesn't expand too rapidly) then in 50 years who's giving up their backyard to another landfill? Does this help our reputation as a "natural forest, beauty of the mountains" image we like to tell to tourists visiting us? Not really. We as citizens need to fulfill our duty to our country and to our future generations in preserving the beauty of these mountains. 

Recycling saves you and me money. The Macon County Waste Management website has said it keeps our taxes down by recycling. They sell off the recyclables and receive money for it to put back into County needs. I don't know anyone who really wants to pay any more taxes than what we already pay or will in the future. Recycling benefits you and I directly. Our infrastructure could improve a lot if we recycled more. I like that idea, and hope you do too.

We use less natural resources when folks choose to recycle. The American chestnut tree was logged into oblivion. What sense does it make to keep using up our resources until they don't exist? Some might say - "Oh, I don't's just a fad! Tree hugger loving people all souped up on going green!" Not exactly, for those who think that way. It's about using what we have smarter, and not being dumb in demolishing our planet that we live on. It takes a village to raise a child. It takes a village to take care of the village. Don't be the village idiot that thinks recycling doesn't matter lest cancer & contaminated water supplies plague you. Your health benefits from recycling. If it's recycled and not in the ground, it can't contaminate the water or soil. 

Going green is cheaper in the long run when you buy re-usable products. Think about it. If you buy plastic bags to store food in every other much is that in a year? If you buy re-usable silicone bags ONCE, then compare your savings. Our ancestors in the 1800's did not have plastic everything. They managed. We can too and be a bit richer.

Make a choice this new year to become an eco-friendly household or business and help yourself and your community to be a smarter, better place. You deserve a good life!

Clean-up jobs: Where does all that stuff go?

August 27, 2020

Ahhh! Another great day here in Macon County! The leaves on the trees show subtle change of color and the air is cooler. It's wonderful to be in such a beautiful place to live, but awesome that we recycle to help keep it that way.

If you are reading this, you know that we offer home recycle pick-up. But where does all the stuff from clean-up jobs go? Depends on what it is. Furniture, or other household items, that can be donated go to any thrift store accepting donations. Lately, thrift stores have been full. I suspect with the notorious coronavirus forcing people to work or school from home, be quarantined or are home laid off, are revamping their nests. I mean, if you're going to look at your house a lot, it might as well be as nice as you can get it. I've done it myself (laughing). If we can't find a thrift store accepting donations, then we do hang onto the items until we can get it donated. We don't give up and throw it into the landfill.

No doubt we re-use some of the items for our own use or refurbish it for others to purchase. It's like a garage sale for those we know, but most often we just give the person whatever they need to help them. I've reused old signs to make new ones for my garden. Oooo! a new compost bowl is found! Save the tires, we have a great basket-weave idea for a garden path. Even construction salvage can be taken to salvage places. There's always some place we look to first before anything gets thrown away as the dreaded  "unable to recycle" pile. I hate that pile. My goal is to not to have that pile.

So you see, as I sit on the porch sipping on my coffee looking out over the hint of autumn landscape, I feel good about helping others. There is some good in this world to be done in the midst of 2020 chaos. We just do it in a unique way of recycling.

Projects we are working on:  Refurbishing a side table

Oct. 14, 2020

Somethings just need a little tender loving care. It's a solid piece of furniture this side table you see here, but most people want something modern or a statement piece in their home. The chances of it being bought will improve if the table gets a facelift. 

We work with a few different thrift stores in the area. Some don't always take what we have. That leaves a "reject" pile in which something needs to be figured out how to keep it out of the landfill. Ladies and gentlemen, that spawned another side business for TNT Recycle. Re-furbishing furniture. We are passionate about not just giving up and throwing things away. So the furniture that "no one wants" will have its shining moment.

All it took was a bit of paint, a distressing technique applied to the paint, then new knobs to give it character. Now....just need to get the word out its for sale! 

Books, books and more books!

November 3, 2020

Who do you call when you have an over load of books? TNT Recycle! Our employees are passionate about getting someone's unwanted items into the hands of someone that would find it a gem. In this case, the picture to the left shows our employees loading up the truck with about 25 boxes of books of all different subjects. We will be filling up the little libraries here in Macon County so that anyone can enjoy a good book. We will also be finding area facilities or programs that may be needing a donation of books to give the gift of reading. If you know of such a program or facility in need, please give us a call at (828) 347-6569. We can set you up with books, books and more books!

December 3, 2020 - Franklin Christmas Parade on Nov. 29, 2020

It's the most wonderful time of year indeed! We had the pleasure of participating in the Town of Franklin, NC Christmas parade and offering a "Around the Christmas Tree" theme using recycled materials. Ornaments on the tree were made of plastic soda bottles and cardboard. We wrapped some of our presents with green & blue bubble wrap we picked up from clean-up jobs, and blue trash bags from recycle pick-ups that we've collected. We used a wooden basket from a clean-up job as well. We made a silver woodland critter from plastic containers, aluminum cans and then spray painted it silver. It was a lot of fun coming up with ideas to make new things from what people would otherwise call trash. There were hundreds of people lined up watching the parade and it was live via Facebook. You can watch the parade on Facebook by visiting the Franklin Chamber of Commerce's Facebook page, click on videos and select the 2020 Christmas parade. We pass by the camera about 16 minutes into the video! Merry Christmas!