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Go Green Tips & Ideas!

What Can You Do to Live More Eco-Friendly ?

Recycle: Be the change! Recycle for Community Sustainability

Many of you have at least started to think about what YOU can do to help combat the world's pollution problem. Some of you may already be recycling. But how many of us are trying to switch away from using products that create waste?

This concept is part of the zero-waste theory that many Countries throughout the world are trying to implement. It is taking what we use and replace it with something that doesn't create waste. It can be used and used again.  Thus, reducing what has to be thrown away or even recycled. 

For example - If you were accustomed to purchasing disposable plastic storage bags (or zippy bags) to put household food into or other items, then you would switch it with silicone re-usable bags. These bags are made to be used again and again. It does not create waste. Therefore, it doesn't get thrown into the trash that is causing pollution to our world.

This is what people all over the world are trying to get to. Our landfills and our oceans are taking a major hit as pollution is growing causing contamination of our natural resources. Not only are animals suffering, but we humans are also suffering. It does affect one's health.

How else can one go "Green" and live an eco-friendly lifestyle? Here are some tips and ideas:

Start recycling everything you can. If you cannot get to the recycle centers, that's why TNT Recycle, Inc is here - we can do it for you! See our Services and Contact pages to get started.

  • Buy eco-friendly items that re-place disposable items in your home or are more friendly to our planet. 
  • Disposable plastics bags are to be re-placed with silicone re-suable bags. 
  • Plastic water bottles are to be replaced with a re-usable water container (preferable a metal one). 
  • Purchase eco-friendly products like cedar chips for kitty litter or another eco-friendly kind
  • Trash bags themselves are now coming in a more, biodegradable friendly version
  • Buy food items in glass containers rather in plastic containers
  • Buy meat and cheese in the deli that are wrapped in paper
  • Use cotton mesh bags for produce instead of the store provided plastic bags
  • Purchase a set of picnic plates, knives forks and spoons to re-use instead of disposable one-time use plastic ones
  • Re-purpose items in your home for another use like clothes. They can be transformed into pillows, scrap fabric for the person that like to sew in your family, or socks can be made into dog toys.
  • Instead of tossing furniture into the landfill, see if you can give it another life as something else or donate it. Refurbish a piece by re-painting it to re-decorate your house (see our example further down the page).
  • Start a compost pile for food waste - this is one of the most common items put into the landfill here in the United States.
  • Start a garden - it doesn't have to be large, even a patio garden will do to use your compost and produce veggies for the household.
  • Re-grow food scraps - for a tutorial on how to do this visit the Farmer's Almanac link buy clicking on the button below

Lifestyles of the Richly Eco-Friendly book

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One Example of How to Re-furbish a Wood Table

The before picture of refurbishing a wood table

A very easy technique to use

Somethings just need a little tender loving care. This wood table you see in the picture to your left is a solid piece of furniture. But most people want something modern or a statement piece in their home. Why not try and re-furbish it? If you must buy the latest in furniture, then donate the side table.  But if you're confident in your skills, then read on to learn how this wood table gets a face-lift complete with before and after pictures.

All it took was a bit of paint, a distressing technique applied to the paint, then new knobs to give it character. Here's what was done:

First, the table was sanded down using an electric sander with a medium grit sandpaper. Next, the entire outer shell of the table was painted a navy blue color. Then, a coat of white paint was applied on top of that. Next, we took a fine grit sandpaper and sanded the table to expose the blue underneath giving it a "distressed" look. Next, was the painting of the inside or underneath shelf the same navy blue color. The table was then wiped down of all debris. The entire wood table was given a polyurethane top coat of paint to seal it up and protect the paint.

For the final touches, the drawer was lined with a floral contact paper and a new pumpkin style knobs were fastened to the drawer.

A much different piece by the time it was done!

Pictures from TNT's Archives

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